Office of the Territorial Public Defender, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Criminal Division

The Office of the Territorial Public Defender provides superior quality legal representation to indigent adults and juveniles facing a loss of liberty in the United States Virgin Islands thereby protecting society’s interest in the fair administration of justice. Office of the Territorial Public Defender is regarded as one of the best public defender offices nationwide. The attorneys zealously advocate for these clients by arguing complex legal matters and issues.

Staff attorneys in the Trial Division zealously represent adults in criminal proceedings in the Magistrate and Superior Court of the Virgin Islands and juveniles in delinquency matters. Trial attorneys at the Office of the Territorial Public Defender represent individuals who are charged with misdemeanors and felonies through every stage of the process from advice of rights through trial and appeal, if necessary. Caseloads include matters wherein the client is facing what would be considered minimal penalties to significant consequences and in the most extreme circumstances a life sentence.

Attorneys at the Office of the Territorial Public Defender advocate for the best possible resolution of their client’s case which could include a dismissal, a nolle prosequi (dropping of the charges), a plea or a verdict at trial. In addition, the attorneys discuss with clients the possible collateral consequences of criminal convictions such as, but not limited to, sex offender registration, loss of driving privileges, and /or immigration issues.